Pizza shovel

33,00 €
Levertijd 2 Woche
Key features Easily take pizzas and (delicate) oven dishes out of the oven. Always a clean blade: it stands upright on its handle. Easily stored away: just hang it from the wall. Place dishes deep inside the oven without the risk of burning your hands. Strong aluminium blade and wooden handle.
The Weltevree Pizza Shovel stands by your side while food is being prepared in the Outdooroven. The enhanced handle offers extra grip and helps keep it standing up without the risk of it tipping over. This way the blade stays clean and ready to use. Keep the shovel next to your oven or hang it from a wall and use it to take warm dishes and pizza’s out of the oven with ease. Delivery time: Benelux: 2-3 working days EU: 5 working days Worldwide: 2 weeks
Weitere Informationen
Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 5kg
Hergestellt Niederlande
Lieferzeit 2 Woche
Marke Weltevree
Produkt Accessoires
Material Aluminium
Stapelbar Nein

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