Petit dossier Vernis

À partir de 537,00 €
Levertijd 0-6 semaines
Design by Xavier Pauchard. The stools are available in various versions. Not stackable.
• Historical piece of the TOLIX® collection with a small backrest • Available in the color charts ESSENTIELS and TENDANCES • Available in eight different sizes • The Petit dossier Varnish have footrests from the size H60 to H80 cm
Plus d'infos
Plus d'infos
Weight 5kgs
Pays de fabrication France
Livraison 0-6 semaines
Merk Tolix
Produit Tabourets
Type Vernis
Height (cm) 45/50/55/60/65/70/75/80
Empilable Non

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